Massage Therapy Services

Massage Services
30 Minutes ($40)
60 minutes ($65)
90 minutes ($90)
120 minutes ($120)

Swedish Relaxation Massage
Alleviate stress and relieve built-up tension with a Swedish Massage by relaxing the while body.

Deep Tissue Massage
Release chronic muscle pain and tension through slow deliberate strokes of deep pressure with a Deep Tissue Massage.

Hot Stone Massage
Throughout this relaxing massage, warm stones are placed at key points of the body to allow for deeper relaxation of the muscles.

Incorporate a 10 minute Hot stone treatment with any of our other services for only $15.

Sports Massage
Ideal for the athletic individual, this mixture of Deep Tissue Massage and stretching promotes flixibility, relieves swelling, and helps prevent injury.

Pregnancy Massage
Prenatal Massage has been shown to improve labor outcomes for both mother and child. This massage helps relax tense muscles and reduce stress during pregnancy.

Couples Massage
Available upon request!